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Gym, work, groceries, pick up the kids, soccer practice, dinner, clean, sleep, repeat. Although maybe at different extents, we’ve all experienced this at some point or another. Sometimes the normal day-to-day tasks and activities can be overwhelming, and after a period of time, they can cause us to feel completely burnt out. With things such as Self Care Awareness Month (September) and International Self Care Day (July), it’s proof that sometimes we need a reminder of how important it is to take care of ourselves. After a long and busy week, ensuring you set aside ‘down time’ will help to increase your productivity, energy, and happiness. Below are 5 ways to help de-stress your body and mind after a long week.

5 Ways to De-Stress After a Long Week

  1. Unplug

There is no question that these days we’re constantly connected. When you decide to log out, turn off, and power down, you’ll have more time to connect with those around you and to enjoy being in the present moment.

  1. Be a tourist in your own town

Check out a new café, go to a museum, or even take a cooking class. Trying new things and stepping away from your usual daily places can help focus your mind on new experiences, introduce you to new people, and maybe help you find your new favorite hobby.

  1. Exercise

We’ve all know that exercise releases endorphins that help our body cope with stress and pain. When your endorphins are increased, you’ll feel happier and more relaxed. So the next time you have a long week go for a walk near the water; not only will you enjoy the beauty of nature and some nice views, but you’ll be releasing endorphins too. That’s a win-win!

  1. Make no plans

Sometimes, the best plan can be to have no plan. Not having a plan means you won’t have the pressure or expectation to do something. Without a place to go or something to do, you’ll find you have more time to spend with pets, kids, your significant other, or even just yourself.

  1. Treat yourself

Don’t forget to take time once in a while to treat yourself. This doesn’t have to mean an expensive day at the spa. It could be a hot bubble bath at home with your favorite scented oils or candles, cooking yourself a nice homemade meal, or putting on your favorite movie while enjoying a glass of wine.

We hope this provides you with some easy and helpful ideas of ways you can de-stress after a busy week. Try one or two of these on your next free days, and see how taking time to nurture your body and mind can help better prepare you for what the next week may bring.

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