At the end of the month of May, many of us have a three day weekend in order to celebrate Memorial Day. While barbecues, boat trips, and family getaways are often a part of the celebration, these aren’t the reasons why the holiday exists. Memorial Day is a United States holiday for remembering those who died while serving our country. One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is to dedicate a journal entry to commemorate those we lost. So take a moment and pause to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day.

In Remembrance of Someone You Knew

If you know someone who died for our country, take a few minutes this weekend to write about them. Think back and write the stories that come to mind. You might even want to see if you can dig up some old photos and import them to your JRNL entry. If you’re experiencing some writer’s block, here are a few prompts to get you started:

  1. What was his/her name? Age?
  2. How did you meet him/her?
  3. What do you remember most?
  4. What was their best quality?
  5. What do you miss about them?
Recognition of Those You Don’t Know

You can still dedicate an entry to Memorial Day, even if you don’t personally know anyone who died in service.

  1. Research someone who was well-known and died in service. Write about what you’ve learned about them. Some examples: Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Ernie Pyle
  2. Pick a war and write about all of those who lost their life in battle. What do you think the country was going through at the time? How old were you when that war was taking place? (Were you even born yet?)
  3. Write a letter to a fallen soldier’s family and express your appreciation for their son, daughter, husband’s sacrifice. You don’t need to send or share it with them. If it’s a recent loss, is there something you can do to make it easier on them? Write it down and give yourself a deadline to get it done.

There are many ways to celebrate Memorial Day but one of the best ways to show your appreciation is to dedicate a journal entry to the holiday. Take a few minutes this weekend to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Then get back to your hotdogs and hamburgers. They’ll taste even better after you acknowledge and put into words the incredible journey of our country, and how many people helped bring us here today.

Thank you to all Americans who died while serving our country.


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