Staying centered may seem impossible with everything that you have on your plate but by developing a few daily habits, you could be well on your way to lasting calm. Here are five habits that are worth adding to your daily routine.

Expressing Gratitude

If we lose perspective on our lives, it’s easy to let our problems become the center of our focus. Spend time every morning and evening thinking about what you have to be grateful for in your life. You can even start a gratitude journal or do it while you brush your teeth. Making the effort to put the great things about your life at the forefront of your attention is an easy way to stay centered.

Spending Time with Pets
Dog Mindfulnes

Quality time with your best friend helps more than you think.

Nothing is more relaxing than time spent with pets. Our pets seem to only live in the moment, which reminds us to do the same. Their joy at the simple things and unconditional love should also be an inspiration for all of us.


There are many different kinds of contemplative practices from spending time in nature to making art or journaling. What’s important is that you spend time thinking about your life in a mindful way. This means examining your life with compassion and non-judgment towards yourself and others. This is a hard skill to develop, but the more you practice it, the more transformative it becomes.


One of the worst habits modern humans have developed is not being present or mindful during meals. Too often we eat something ready-made, sitting behind our desks or while we’re on the run. How often do you stop to consider how your food affects your body? Are you grateful for every meal? Most people probably aren’t so they could be making decisions that are bad for the planet and their health. Cooking your own meals is a great way to get in touch with nature and your health.

Mindfulness Check-Ins

One of the best ways to center yourself is by having routine check-ins. Scan your body for anxiety, tension, and discomfort while you reflect on your emotional state for the day. Were you agitated this morning after coffee? Set a reminder on your phone to check in.


Being more centered can help you have healthier relationships and manage daily stress. High stress is responsible for so many health problems and tension in our relationships. If you want to feel more peace in your life, start by trying some of these practices.

What do you do daily to find your center?


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