We often don’t realize (or appreciate) how much things change in a year until we take the time to deliberately think about all the things we’ve experienced. What was new or unknown in January might be something we now take for granted. Take a few minutes and write in your journal about your year. Here is a list of journal writing prompts to help you reflect.

  1. Look at what you wrote last year in your journal. How have you changed? How have you grown? Does anything surprise you about what you wrote?
  2. What were your resolutions for 2016? Did you get them all done? Why or why not?
  3. Describe three of the most memorable events that happened this year: marriages, births, graduations, etc.
  4. What did you accomplish that made you truly happy?
  5. How have your relationships changed since last year? Are you closer to your spouse? Do you have a new network of friends?
  6. Why was this a good year? Why was it not so good?
  7. What would you want your family to remember about 2016?
  8. Find a quote that encompasses what you learned or how you feel about this year. Write it in your journal and explain why it’s so perfect.
  9. Where did you travel this year? Were they new places or have you been there before?
  10. What was your favorite holiday this year and why? Is it usually a different holiday?
  11. Did you experience any losses this year: deaths, divorces, etc.?
  12. Did you start any new traditions?
  13. Describe how you felt or what you thought when these historical events happened this year. How do you feel about them now?
    1. Summer Olympics
    2. Brexit (UK votes to leave the European Union)
    3. Presidential Election 2016
  14. What have you learned this year? Any life lessons? What about classes you took?
  15. Where did you find inspiration? When were you feeling the most creative?
  16. What books have you read this year? What do you remember about them? Which was your favorite?

If you have a journal writing prompt that you’d like to share, leave it in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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