I’m late on my weekly post and with good reason. My husband and I finally closed on our first home together last Friday! We then packed up what was our temporarily living space and moved into our new place.

Write This In Your Journal

Our first floor is now covered in boxes but while the floors were still bare, he surprised me in the most romantic way. We were standing in front of our new house with new door locks to install. He scooped me up and “carried me over the threshold,” popped a bottle of bubbly, and turned on our wedding song. As if that wasn’t enough, he closed the scene by stating, “Make sure you write this in your journal.”

I knew I married someone incredible.

These moments—our first home, birthdays, weddings, vacations—deserve to be preserved. Our memories fade as time goes on, but reading your written words takes you back to that moment. That exact point in time.

We get off track with writing sometimes. We might aim to keep a daily journal and then miss a few days. That’s okay. Life happens. But don’t forget to write those life moments in your journal when you can. Your future self will thank you for it.

Does your significant other write in a journal? How has he/she inspired your journal writing?

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