Some people report that their anxiety is the worst in the morning. It can be easy to immediately start thinking about all of the things you need to do and neglect your mental health. If you’re struggling with high anxiety in the morning, try out some of these tips.¬†

Wake Up Early

Part of morning anxiety is feeling like you’re going to be late. Wake up early to eliminate this stress and have time for practices that calm anxiety.

Eat a Real Breakfast

Sometimes the anxiety we feel in the morning is exacerbated by hunger after having spent several hours asleep. We don’t always register this hunger or eat proper meals. Sugar, sweeteners, and coffee in the morning can be responsible for increasing your anxiety and causing crashes in the afternoon. Eat a filling breakfast with protein and fiber to keep you full, like avocado toast on whole grain or overnight oats. The act of cooking and sitting down to a meal can help take your mind off of your anxiety.

Set Intentions

Journal writing in the morning will help decrease anxiety

Spending time mindfully planning your day can really calm anxiety. Plan your day in a more metaphorical sense, not by making a list of chores you need to do. Decide what your major goals are for the day. Do you want to feel accomplished when you get home for work? Do you want to laugh five times? Set your goals in emotional terms, rather than focusing on literal outcomes to reduce pressure and make mental health your priority.


Many therapists and mindfulness experts encourage people to meditate first thing in the morning. Not only does this set the tone for the whole day, but purposeful breathing helps to eliminate anxiety.


Sometimes when your anxiety is acting up, the best thing to do is move your body. Yoga can distract you from your anxious thoughts while helping you to focus your attention on your breath and body.


Journalling is a great way to begin your day. One powerful journaling practice is writing down your anxieties. Sometimes just seeing them helps you to realize how ridiculous they are. Gratitude is another positive way to begin the day. Spend some time in the morning writing about what you have to be thankful for in your life.

We hope that by adding these habits to your morning routine, you will wake up feeling more relaxed and ready for the day.

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