As a kid, I heard about journaling but wasn’t interested. As a teen I considered that journaling might be a good thing to do, but it still didn’t click for me; I tried and failed a few times and then just gave up.

Somewhere in my early 20s, something clicked. Now, journaling is a part of my daily life and those who know me are aware that I’m kind of obsessed with it. To those of you who want to journal but struggle, I’d like to share a few key principles and patterns that I have found helpful.

Find Your Motivation

Arggh! Yes, I used that word, but this is 100% the problem, it’s the thing you have to solve but stay with me here, it doesn’t have to be as painful as you think.


A great source of motivation that still fuels me to this day started with the Civil War journal of my great, great, great grandfather. As far as I know, nobody else in my family ever kept a journal, but this guy did. He not only kept a journal, he published several copies and passed them around to the whole family. It’s not that long, you can read it in about an hour, but for me it’s like a time machine.

Sure, any history book can take you back, but there’s something a little different when it’s your own flesh and blood Keep Reading

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