Writing in a journal can boost your mindfulnessMindfulness is a technique that has numerous benefits, including emotional and health. You may know that meditation can help with mindfulness but did you know you that journaling can boost your mindfulness practice? This is especially true if you are new to mindfulness. Here are a few things to consider about the power of mindfulness journaling and what it can do for you and your lifestyle.

Reduced Depression and Anxiety

One of the biggest powers of mindfulness journaling is the ability to reduce your depression and anxiety. With journal writing, you can find patterns in your life that are causing depression, triggering you, and causing ongoing anxiety. Once you see these patterns, you can begin to move away from them. You can start to remove them from your life. It helps you avoid what is triggering you and make the changes that help you and your mental health. Over time, the mindfulness journey and journaling will be among the most powerful medications for your mental health.

Seeing Beyond Yourself

A mindfulness journal also helps you see beyond yourself. You can begin to see more than just how something is affecting you and start seeing how it affects others. You see the bigger picture. You may think this sounds like your issues are not important. That isn’t true. What this is saying is that once you see the bigger picture, and beyond yourself, you can refocus and look at your personal issues in a different light. This gives you a different perspective and helps you handle your issues in a healthy and productive way.

Positive Radiation

Positive radiation refers to a part of mindfulness journaling you may not have considered. When you do mindfulness journaling, one of the key points is to focus on something positive or blessed during your day. Find at least one good thing about your day and keep that in your journal. Once you do this, you will start to see less negative in your life because your focus has changed. This will radiate out into other levels of your life and help you to keep positive and move through the negative energy and move it out.

Keeping a mindfulness journal doesn’t require a lot of effort or materials. Use an app like JRNL and access it from anywhere. Then you can write from your computer, tablet, or phone. This allows you to write in it whenever you need to.

There are many other things that journaling can do for you. These are just a few of the common benefits that people notice when they first start. You may notice more, and you can build on what you notice to create even better journaling techniques for your mindfulness practices.

How did you feel when you first started journaling? Did you immediately notice a difference? Leave a comment below.

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