You may have noticed some recent improvements to the JRNL platform. (And if you haven’t…did you skip writing in your journal for a few weeks?ūüėČ ) We’ve been receiving a few of the same questions, so we thought it was time to clarify some things in a blog post. After all, things like saving your entries, importing photos from your computer and/or Instagram, and changing the format of your writing are all core functions of the JRNL platform. Without further delay, here are the three most frequently asked questions from this past month.

  1. My entry isn’t saving, even after I click SAVE ENTRY. What’s going on?¬†
    There’s a good chance you accidentally wrote your entry in the “Entry Title” field instead of the body text area. The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to press the tab key on your keyboard after you enter your title. It’ll jump you to the body area for a seamless writing experience. Or, you can click on the area that says “How was your day?” Remember that an entry title is optional¬†so you can choose to skip the title and get started writing about your day.Frequently Asked Questions - Save Entry
  2. How do I add a photo or import from Instagram?
    Make sure you are in the body text area (i.e. Click on the question, How was your day?). You’ll see a little camera icon that looks like this JRNL Camera Icon.¬†Click on that icon to import photos from your computer. If you want to import from Instagram, click on the¬†JRNL Instagram Import¬†icon that looks like a bunch of squares with an arrow facing down. A new window will appear and your Instagram images should display. Select the photos you wish to import by checking the boxes to the left of the image, click PREVIEW SELECTED, and then INSERT SELECTED.Frequently Asked Questions - Import Photos and Instagram
  3. How do I format my text?
    Make sure you are in the body text area. Highlight the area or words that you want to format, and a toolbar will appear with options. From left to right (as pictured) the tools are: Bold, Italic, Hyperlink, Bulleted List, Numbered List, Large Text, and Quote.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Change Formatting

We hope this blog post was helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to us at or leave a comment below.

Happy journaling!

  • Robbie Isbell


  • Doug Major

    can you journal using voice recognition?

  • A Anderson

    Hi Doug, Yes, you can as long as your device has voice recognition on it. I have successfully added entries to my journal with 4 different programs in 2 different Languages. These programs are: Google Voice (mobile and computer version), Windows Speech Recognition (I have only tried desktop version), ASUS Speech recognition (only tried mobile version), and Dragon Naturally speaking (only tried desktop version). So far all work great to the level they have been customized to my voice and the complexity of the topic. I see no reason any other program desktop or mobile would not work.

  • Jessica Marshall Warner

    Why did you remove indenting capability in the format options? I would like that added back please. It’s nice to have when including things like letters or texts or emails in the body of your journal entry.

  • Jessica,
    We are working on a fix for the display of the ident. If you use spacing to indent a paragraph, even though it doesn’t look like it is there upon saving, the spaces are saved so when you go to print a book, they will look indented.

  • Jocile Ison Wilson

    Can I import photos from my phone?

  • Yes.

    Depending on the type of mobile device you use (iPhone or Android) the steps will vary. On our iOS app, you place your cursor in the body of the entry, the camera icon will appear on the toolbar above your keyboard. Click that to add photos.

    On Android, using your mobile web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) placing your cursor on a blank line in the New Entry form, a camera icon will appear to the right. Click that to add photos.

    Please go to for answers to any other questions.

  • Kris Hannah – Life After Rape

    I do not like the new format at all. Are used to be able to put a line break and I can’t do that anymore. The formatting is horrible and the title / body are quirky. Rather anything else than this. Seems like each update removes more and more functions.

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