‘Tis the season! The holidays have arrived which means it’s time for that rush of mass crowds and stressful situations. Keeping calm during this chaotic time can be quite the mental game, so we’ve created a list of seven ways to keep calm during the holiday rush to help you get through. Keep Reading

Gathering your family history can be quite a project but it’s worth the time. Luckily there are many websites and apps that can help you collect, share, and use information about your family tree. We’ve compiled a list of 8 resources to help you get started.

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Time. It’s the biggest challenge when you want to journal every day. Oftentimes I find myself getting lost in my writing, looking up at the clock only to realize I should have started cooking dinner. Then I end in the middle of a thought–sometimes even mid-sentence–to go do what needs to be done. My journal is full of unfinished entries. Until I discovered that using a timer is a huge relief. Keep Reading

We all have a different purpose for writing in a journal. Your motivation might be to better understand your life, preserve your stories for future generations, or simply to find the joy in every day. Whatever your goal, it’s easy to find a journal style that’s right for you.

Here are ten fun, focused, and fast journals you can try for yourself. You might end up doing a combination of styles. Keep in mind this isn’t a complete list, so if we’ve missed anything please leave us a comment below the post. Enjoy! Keep Reading

Fall is here — time to start the hunt for that perfect pumpkin, take in the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, and dive into the spirit of autumn (preferably into a huge leaf pile). Fall is a time for change, beautiful change, and your journaling can reflect that. Here are 20 fall journaling prompts to get your soul fully enveloped in the autumn shade. Keep Reading

A food journal can help you stay on track with a diet or identify food sensitivity issues. Deciding to keep a food journal is easy, but doing so successfully can be hard. You’ll need to try out different systems to find the one that is the best fit with your personal needs. Keep the following in mind as you start the food journaling process. Keep Reading

How often do you have the opportunity to ask someone anything you want? On Wednesday night, Redditors gathered around their computer screens to ask JRNL Founder Nick Jones their burning questions on business, investing, and of course, JRNL.

Here are a few highlights: Keep Reading

Rusty walks into the house and catches his father, standing there with his personal journal. “You promised you’d never read our journals. I trusted you,” he says. His father goes on to explain that he was flipping through the pages to check the dates to make sure Rusty and his sister are keeping up with their regular writings.

But then he caught a sentence that intrigued him: I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt. Keep Reading

When it comes to staying mentally healthy, one of the best techniques has been around for hundreds of years: journaling. Keeping a journal is a great way to reflect on life events, develop new insights, and clear your mind of worry or unhealthy thoughts. Learn how to journal effectively to bring yourself clarity and mental balance.

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This post is written by guest blogger Jane Ellis. Jane loves traveling and sharing with others information about her journeys and adventures. Her work has been published on many different sites, including the Huffington Post and AOL Travel.

Travel Photos for Your Journal

It can be difficult to find the time to write in a daily journal when traveling. Luckily, photos can be imported to your JRNL and trigger those memories when you have the time to focus.

When you’re on an adventure in a new destination, all of your five senses come alive. You’re likely to see, hear, taste, smell and even feel things that are so unique that you’re sure you’ll never forget them. But chances are that the next day of your journey will also be filled with incredible experiences, as will the next. And soon those vivid pictures you’ve captured in your mind will start to fade and run together like a watercolor painting left out in the rain. That is one of the reasons why I journal while traveling.

The First Journal

I received my first journal from a tour operator who I had worked with on creating a customized trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe for me, my son, my daughter, my friend, and her son and daughter. Although I had never used a travel journal before, I dutifully threw the paperback into my bag. And in the end, I was very thankful that I did. Why?

Because as it turned out, between the jet lag, the time difference and all of the unique sights we witnessed while on safari, the days and moments quickly began to blur. From tasting mopane worms to watching a lone lioness trying to attack a hippo — something our guide said he had never seen before — our trip was simply amazing. I would say that it was also completely unforgettable, but after looking through my journal, I realized that there were so many things that had faded from my memory. There was the afternoon, for example, when the girls, who were elementary-school age, played tea party on the safari lodge room’s patio. Then there was the sight of our tween boys laughing half in fear, half in wonder as a young bull elephant chased after our jeep.

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