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You may have noticed some recent improvements to the JRNL platform. (And if you haven’t…did you skip writing in your journal for a few weeks?😉 ) We’ve been receiving a few of the same questions, so we thought it was time to clarify some things in a blog post. After all, things like saving your entries, importing photos from your computer and/or Instagram, and changing the format of your writing are all core functions of the JRNL platform. Without further delay, here are the three most frequently asked questions from this past month.

  1. My entry isn’t saving, even after I click SAVE ENTRY. What’s going on? 
    There’s a good chance you accidentally wrote your entry in the “Entry Title” field instead of the body text area. The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to press the tab key on your keyboard after you enter your title. It’ll jump you to the body area for a seamless writing experience. Or, you can click on the area that says “How was your day?” Remember that an entry title is optional so you can choose to skip the title and get started writing about your day.Frequently Asked Questions - Save Entry
  2. How do I add a photo or import from Instagram?
    Make sure you are in the body text area (i.e. Click on the question, How was your day?). You’ll see a little camera icon that looks like this JRNL Camera Icon. Click on that icon to import photos from your computer. If you want to import from Instagram, click on the JRNL Instagram Import icon that looks like a bunch of squares with an arrow facing down. A new window will appear and your Instagram images should display. Select the photos you wish to import by checking the boxes to the left of the image, click PREVIEW SELECTED, and then INSERT SELECTED.Frequently Asked Questions - Import Photos and Instagram
  3. How do I format my text?
    Make sure you are in the body text area. Highlight the area or words that you want to format, and a toolbar will appear with options. From left to right (as pictured) the tools are: Bold, Italic, Hyperlink, Bulleted List, Numbered List, Large Text, and Quote.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Change Formatting

We hope this blog post was helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to us at or leave a comment below.

Happy journaling!

Most of you know by now the multiple ways to use JRNL to capture life’s moments. With features like email to JRNL, importing from Instagram, share extensions and replying to your reminder email, there are multiple ways to make sure you are capturing all of life’s “JRNL-worthy” moments. But what about the JRNL-worthy moments of a family member who isn’t interested in opening a JRNL account and doesn’t keep any sort of journal? How do you record and preserve those stories?

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Let’s face it, we all have a lot going on in our day, so remembering to journal every day may not be at the top of our list. But if you want to make sure you stay on track with your JRNL’ing efforts, it is much easier when you take advantage of our Email Reminders. Users can set up a daily or every-other-day email reminder to help with personal accountability.

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JRNL is pleased to announce their newest feature: Share Extensions. Share Extensions works in conjunction with the iOS app, and allows users to create quick journal entries, seamlessly. To utilize this feature, users must download the latest version of the iOS app, found in the app store, here:

To create an entry through share extensions, you will need to open your camera roll, press select in the upper right hand corner, and choose which photos to include in your entry. Once you’ve selected which photos you want to share to your JRNL, press the share icon.

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Every person who journals, has their own reasons for how and why they keep their journal the way they do. To be honest, I didn’t start keeping a traditional journal until I started working for I journaled in other, more non-traditional, ways: Facebook, writing a column for my father’s newspaper, blogging, but I didn’t keep a true journal.

Once I started journaling, I found that I really enjoyed cataloguing my life and the adventures that come with being married to your high school sweetheart and sharing three children together. But in late 2015, my motivation for journaling changed.

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businessman is working on tablet and using smart phone

We rely pretty heavily on technology. Most of us are addicted to our phones and are running a number of apps at any given moment of the day. Our dependency on our devices often gets the short end of the stick and is considered to be negative, but we need to consider the context in which we use them. There’s no disputing the fact that we can lose hours of our time and productivity on mindless nonsense through our devices. However, what’s not talked about as often is how our devices and the services we access through them can help us be more efficient with our time and encourage productivity.
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Keep a food journal over the holidays, your waistline will thank you!

Keeping a food journal is recommended and proven to help you shed pounds, or in the case of the holidays – prevent them. We’re not suggesting you skip the stuffing and pumpkin pie but be mindful of your portions and track how much you’re eating. Remember, by cheating your food journal, you’re cheating yourself. Properly tracking the amount you eat, what you’re eating and when you eat it will allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your diet and eating habits over the holiday season. To avoid gaining 10 pounds this holiday season, follow these tips and let the good times roll.

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Boy using a laptop

Journaling is a great tool for parents to encourage their children to practice their writing skills in a fun way. Dissimilar to a diary, journals go far beyond recounting daily activities and thoughts. While journals can most certainly be used for such purposes, the versatility of a journal allows kids and teenagers to integrate writing in several aspects of their lives.

How does journaling benefit my child?

  1. Journaling gives them freedom. Writing for pleasure as opposed to writing for school gives them liberty to write about whatever they want. Journals are a non-threatening place to write without any inhibition.
  2. Journaling sparks creativity. A journal is a place for your child to write their most imaginative thoughts. Their entries can be as structured or as wild as the thoughts they have, whatever inspires them to continue writing.
  3. They’re in control of their journal. Having a personal journal enables kids to express their feelings, ideas and concerns which are safe from criticism, allowing them to write freely and honestly. Articulating their thoughts in written form allows them to own the situation and plan how they wish to proceed.
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